PK Council- 

All leaders of BCPK must maintain these responsibilties, definitions, and philosophy.


Council Details:

-The council is comprised of 6 People (Prez, VP, 4 Council members).

-President and Vice President will hold instructor positions and lead training sessions. 

-President and Vice President can designate substitute instructors and training session leaders.

-During Council meetings the President and Vice President hold "pull" power over decisions and approvals.

President and Vice President roles and responsibilities:

-hold PK council meetings

-lead all weekly training and events

-serve as ambassadors to all outside PK communities including Greater Boston, New England, National, International, and local college groups/organizations.

-in charge of maintenance of listserv/ and official BCPK roster and contact information

-holds council member list

-oversees all duties of council members

-order yearly t-shirts

-leads recruitment of new members and demonstration

-drafts important emails to BCPK community

Head of Media Organizes all internet BCPK affiliation pages:

-BCPK site, facebook page, "BCPKmedia" youtube channel, twitter "BC_PK"

-holds all administrator passwords and log-in information

-keeps sites up-to-date with current events, contact information, links to other pages

-organizes and maintains BCPK Apparel shop

-posts recent member videos to "BCPKmedia" Youtube channel

-organizes digital version of handbook and keeps online schedule/calendar up-to-date

PK Historian keeps up-to-date history of BCPK:

-maintains a database of all former training schedules, events, and members

-organizes and maintains BCPK traditions as accurate representations of previous events and traditions

-keeps continuity between past and present leadership and annual club activities

-assists in planning and scheduling of new events/traditions accurate to BCPK history.

Event Coordinator(s) In charge of planning and leading all BCPK events

-must organize time, date, and location of jams and social events.

-in charge of reminder emails for events

-must organize attendance for events and establish website pages corresponding to events

-assists in planning and scheduling of weekly training in relation to sporting event schedules and training week regimens

-gym session coordinator and planner


Nomination Process:

-Nomination Day

-Nominations will be held 2nd Semester on Nomination Day.


-All Parkour club members vote to nominate members to the Parkour council, from which seated council members will choose the appropriate amount of nominees to fill council positions of graduating council members. The number of graduating council members will be equal to the number of newly elected council members. From the new updated list of members of the council are elected a new leader and co-leader to replace the current co-leaders.


Qualifications for new co-leaders:

    -Must be elected to the pk council.

    -Cannot be a senior when elected.

    -Only one co-leader may be abroad in the spring of their Junior year.


-Current co-leaders step down starting Feb. 1st of the new year, but remain on the pk council until they graduate. Junior co-leaders are eligible for re-election. 


Current Council Members (appointed positions/titles): (at least 6 members at any given time)

Greg M (graduated) - founder, former co-leader

Matt M (graduated) founder, former co-leader

Brandon M - Head of Media

Kevin L - co-leader (V. President)

Matt C - co-leader (President)

Mark C - Freshman Adviser

Frank F - PK Historian

Rob B. - Strength and Conditioning Coach


*Needed: Four new members of the PK Council and from the new council two new co-leaders to replace Matt and Kevin.

-New Council Member must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.
-New Council Member must be at least a second semester sophomore.
-New Council Member must be passionate and knowledgeable of parkour technique and philosophy.
-New Council Member must represent and properly promote parkour in a positive way.
-New Council Member must pass PK council test.
-New Council Member must have attended annual BCPK "20--" at least once.

The purpose of the BCPK Council is to establish and promote the mission statement, organize training schedules, organize jams, discuss new training techniques, discuss the parkour community (US and International), discuss how to deal with law enforcement both on and off campus, and to make decisions on promotions which club members participate in.

Expectations of Council Members:
-All Council Members must stay active on PK sites NEPK, WFPF, Facebook and APK.
-All Council Members must stay active PK community as well as up-to-date on all training and philosophy information.
-All Council Members must attend at least 3/4 of the Council Meetings.

Meeting Times:
-Sunday at 11:00PM?
-Council has the power to add or subtract the number of weekly meetings.

Any member of BCPK can request to attend a PK Council meeting and request or propose new ideas or bring up new issues or needs.

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